Serge Solo

Serge Solo

An adventurer. A non-conformist. A humanist. A long distance hiker/cyclist.

Why Hike Solo you asked?

Since you asked, the decision of the chosen domain has served its purpose. To stir up an emotion or question.

One of the first questions from friends or colleagues upon catching the wind of my next adventure trip is: Who are you going with? Are you going with a group?

I have the giggles every time. To most people, they cannot fathom the thought of being by themselves. Figure things out themselves. They lack the self-confidence to pull things off by themselves.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against achieving something together with a group of like-minded people but that's totally kettle of fish going with a group due to your inability to achieve anything by yourself. That is using people for your happiness and safety.

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